Brawl Erupts In Stands Between Junior Football Team And Fans (Video)

Perhaps we should call this one “The Malice at Ivor Wynne”.

Bringing back memories of the brawl that erupted six years ago when the Pacers entered the stands to fight fans of the Pistons at The Palace Of Auburn Hills, police are currently looking into an incident that broke out at the conclusion of an Ontario Football Conference semi-final game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton.

With only 13.7 seconds remaining in the Hamilton Hurricanes 20-9 victory over the St. Leonard Cougars on Saturday night, an estimated 10 to 20 Cougars players entered the stands swinging their helmets, fists and water buckets at some fans who had been heckling them all game.

The game was a chippy affair that saw multiple unnecessary roughness penalties handed out (a majority of them to the Cougars), and a Cougars coach and player were both ejected earlier in the game.  There had been some animosity between these two teams prior to this contest, and some players predicted that it would be a highly physical battle.  That was exactly how things turned out, although the Cougars coach, Jeff Rached, believes the ugly incident at the end of the game could have been prevented had the necessary precaution been made earlier.

“Especially when I asked the head referee to get security in the second quarter,” he said. “Look, I’ve been coaching football for a long time. You can’t have people pulling that (bleep) back there and have nothing happen … Drinking, insults, throwing bottles and water ….These aren’t professional players that realize, ‘Oh, if I do something, they can sue me for millions.’ ” [The Spec]

Police and ambulances arrived on the scene, but it is believed that unless anyone steps forward, charges will not be laid.

Here is a look at the incident that broke out at Ivor Wynne.

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