Happy 25th Anniversary: The 25 Best NES Sports Games

Yesterday, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) turned 25, which makes everyone over 30 feel really, really old. Here at TPS, rather than rue the march of time, we have decided to embrace it with this list of the 25 best NES sports games. While modern games have rendered many of these titles unplayable due to their simplistic nature, all the titles below still hold a soft spot in our hearts. Even if it’s because of that one time that we chucked the controller at our little brother for being a little bitch in “Tecmo Bowl.”

25. Golf
Golf never got much of a chance to shine on the NES, due to low processing power that couldn’t off much in the way of intricacies, and graphics that didn’t exactly allow for the majesties of the different courses. But the original offered the best game-play, perhaps because it was developed in house to suit the strengths of the NES.

24. RBI Baseball
Never underestimate the importance of REAL PLAYERS on the roster. This game didn’t have the best game play, but R.B.I. and it’s sequels were iconic cause they brought the baseball stars into the game. Ironically, that wasn’t even something “Baseball Stars” was able to do.

23. Dodgeball
One of the most fun games on the NES, Dodgeball was a departure from actual sport, pitting geographic stereotypes against each other. The highlight of the game was the strategy and arsenal of throws at your disposal. Simple, but more fun than virtually every game on the list.

22. Ice Hockey
Speaking of simple, this game found a way to suck the fun out of playing hockey. But was more than redeemed by presenting players the ability to customize their team with fat, skinny, and medium guys. It sounds stupid, but strategy in team assembly was everything.

21. Blades of Steel
A definite step up, this was perhaps the only relevant hockey game around until EA’s NHL series came out on the 16-bit systems. Still not perfect, but got a generation of kids interested in hockey before the expansion. Plus, you could control the fights, which was awesome.

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