Canucks Rick Rypien Attacks A Fan (Video)

Fighting in hockey is all well and good when two combatants looking to do battle in order to ignite their respective teams decide to drop the gloves.  However, there is little room in the league for meatheads who feel inclined to throw fists at an unwilling participant, whether it be a player standing behind a referee, or a cheering fan in the stands.  Both types of innocent bystanders just so happened to be on Rick Rypien’s hit list last night when his Vancouver Canucks visited Minnesota to take on the Wild.

With his team trailing 5-1 late in the second period, Rypien was trying to get at the Wild’s Brad Staubitz, whom he fought earlier.  The officials were able to break things up before they could get started, but that didn’t stop Rypien from delivering a cheap left hook to an unsuspecting Staubitz.

When the officials finally managed to tame the out-of-control Rypien, they managed to guide him off the ice, but Rypien was far from done, deciding to attack an applauding fan on his way to the dressing room.

Check out the entire incident below.  The attack of the fan comes at the 1:10 mark.

What is with all these Canadians attacking fans these days?  This guy is a paying customer who is entitled to cheer and say whatever he wishes, but I guess Rypien doesn’t feel the same way.  However, that will not prevent him from felling the wrath of the NHL’s iron fist.  The Canucks enforcer is expected to have a hearing with the league and will likely receive a fine, as well as a lengthy suspension.

As for the fan, he was removed from the area and placed in section where he would be able to watch the remainder of the game without having to worry about being attacked by anymore angry NHL enforcers.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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