All That Was Missing Here Was The Stanford Band (Video)

Many high school football programs have given their best effort to replicate Cal and Stanford’s “The Play”, and although none of their successful imitations will ever be as popular as that final play that took place during “The Big Game” in 1982, that will not stop us from at least giving these kids some recognition for their achievements.

For the latest rendition, we take you to Louisville, Kentucky, where Butler H.S. found themselves trailing Pleasure Ridge Park by a score of 41-34 with only 1.8 seconds left on the clock and just a kickoff remaining before the game’s final whistle.  Rather than simply kneel down and accept defeat, Butler decided to give themselves one last shot by lateraling the ball and keeping the play alive.

Thanks to some great execution, and some poor tackling from their opposition, their plan would work to a tee.  Approximately 30 seconds later, Buttler’s Brenton Caldwell found himself trotting into the end zone for the touchdown.

But rather than kick the extra point and send the game into overtime, Butler went for two.  They would successfully convert the 2-point play, stunning Pleasure Ridge Park by a score of 42-41.

Here is a look at the final moments of this thrilling game.

Not to take anything away from the kids here, but doesn’t is seem as though the referees had completely lost control of this game during those final few seconds?  Teams running onto the field during the final play.  Players hanging from the field goal posts while celebrating.  I guess the Stanford band really is all that was missing in this one.

Hat Tip – [Courier Journal]

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