Caps’ Mites Give Us The Cutest Goal Celebration Ever (Video)

Goal celebrations in sports are often reserved for the game of soccer, but the Washington Capitals’ promotional staff were looking for a way to add some excitement to their “Miteson Ice” youth hockey mini-games, which take place during the intermission of Caps’ home games.

So prior to these little tykes taking the ice, members of the staff encouraged the kids to get creative with their goal celebrations.  One Caps’ representative suggested the possibility of performing a snow angel, telling the tots that if any of them did so following a goal, they would be rewarded with the game puck.

What the tykes did not realize was that the offer was intended solely for the goal-scorer, rather than the entire team.  As a result of the misunderstanding, the following ensued after each of the first two goals by young Gabe Dombrowski.

Sorry Ovi, but your “stick is on fire” celebration has nothing on “the snow angel.”

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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