The 9 Most Memorable In-Game Traditions (Videos)

5. Ohio State: “Script Ohio” Sometimes, traditions are ranked on how well the team in question performs year in and year out. Ohio State has the good fortune to put their money where their mouth is. They may not be setting records, but when a perennial top-10 team is doing anything, let alone a weekly feat as awesome as this band pulls off, it’s bound to garner headlines. In college football, there have been many one-offs that tipped the scales in the favor of one team or another, but “Dotting the I” is one that, week after week, can’t be caught, save for a miracle or wild values shift on the part of college football fans.

4. Red Wings: Octopus What started off (in a convoluted fashion) in 1952 as a playoff tradition, has turned into…well, a playoff tradition that has outlasted most. The Stanley Cup playoff used to be a two-series affair, which meant that the dominant team need only win eight games, so…eight games…octopus…eight legs…beer…you get the idea. Anyway, anytime you see blue collar folk tossing octipedal fish onto a sport surface, you recognize it or fear the wrath. I’m recognizing it. Imagine what animal they’ll drop on your doorstep if you disagree.

3. Lambeau Leap It’s kind of just what it sounds like. But everything is 9,000% more charming in Green Bay, if only cause it’s all these kids have to live for. City-owned team, railroaded populace; let them enjoy this one thing. Is it a pity vote? Not at all. The Lambeau leap is cool. Every team should make it a point of pride to enable their fans to sit so close to the field. It’s an underdog move in an underdog city for a not-so-underdog team, but that still merits enough for them to get recognition.

2. The Haka – New Zealand National Team Here’s the part of the program where TPS cracks an egg of knowledge on ya. Yeah, Ohio State and the Lakers are cute, but who’s been rocking a tradition based on an aboriginal dance for the past 150 years or so? Time’s up. New Zealand. Rugby. Team. Don’t pretend like you knew about it, but pay attention now. Cause it’s not gonna stop and you might as well be hip to the oldest tradition in sport (not a definitive fact, but close), otherwise, you’ll never be able to guess things like, “What’s the most awesome tradition on the TPS list of awesome in-game traditions?” And then we have to be embarrassed for you.

1. Thanksgiving Day Ignore the ingenuity of the aforementioned, the longstanding traditions, and everything else. What tradition do you value more than anything else? I won’t presuppose your answer, but mine is certainly the fact that two (and now three) games are being played on Turkey Day, and you’re going to watch them no matter what, cause that’s what Americans do on Thanksgiving. Agree or don’t, I know that I feel a little warmer just knowing that the Lions and Cowboys are there to see me through a day of binge eating and sleepiness. And if you don’t agree with that, then you , my friend, don’t believe in America. Yeah, I was/am a Cowboy fan. And yeah, that clip is still really funny. Leon’s screw-up is about as rare as snow on T-day in the Lone Star State in November.

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