Wait…What? The 20 Funniest Sports Headlines

The sports world is rife with double entendre and pun opportunities, so it should come as no surprise that, intentionally or accidentally, print media can perhaps string some words together in a headline that might come across as a little…odd or unfortunate. Factor in headlines about a sex scandal and you’ve go the trappings of some damn funny headlines. Take a look at 20 of the best examples right here.

20. Tiger Woods – I’m a Cheetah
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Never one to go for subtlety (or avoid a lame pun), the NY Post is the gold standard for sensationalistic headlines. Obviously, the whole Tiger Woods affair was like their Woodstock.

19. The Bet Rex We’ve Ever Had
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Second list entry, second punny NY Post headline. Get used to it. I’m not sure how this Rex was better than previous ones, but the fact is that once a copywriter makes up a delicious pun, the writing staff will probably reverse-engineer most any story to make it work.

18. Cleveland’s Colon Ends Up Smelling Like a Rose
Bartolo Colon will probably get MVP of this list, simply because his name is comic gold in both unintentional formats. You have to think that sportswriters know what they’re doing when they drop a phrase like this, but we will never know for sure.

17. A-Rod Goes Deep, Wang Hurt
I think we all have a hard time believing that A-Rod could go too deep, but I totally believe that he hurts his Wang a lot.

16. A Mother’s Day Gift That’s Sure to Tickle Her Pink
Dear God! Why would anyone do that to their poor mother? Especially on Mother’s Day?.

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