Picture Of The Day: The Unamazing Cavaliers

The Unamazing Cavaliers

Poor Cleveland Cavaliers and their faithful fans. As if they already didn’t know that their team is going to suck without LeBron James, ESPN The Magazine had to remind them with this image in their Marvel Comics-inspired NBA Preview edition.

As for the inspiration for the image, the following details were provided:

The Amazing Spider-Man fans will recall the classic July 1967 image – re-created for a scene in 2004’s Spider-Man 2 movie – of Peter Parker walking away from his alter ego.  Parker ultimately puts his uni back on and returns to defending his city.  King James, on the other hand, abandoned Cleveland for good.

And with that we begin the era of “The Unamazing Cavaliers.”  Be prepared Cleveland.  Things could get ugly.

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