That Life-Size Statue of Shaq At Harvard Square Really Was Shaq!

shaq statue

He may have to win a few championships with the Celtics before the city decides to erect a statue in Shaq’s honor, but the Big Diesel simply can not wait that long.  So in the meantime, Shaq figured he would act as his own statue as he sat still on some steps for one hour and allowed fans to come and take pictures with him.

The Big Diesel notified his followers on Twitter that he would be performing such a stunt shortly before he made his way to Boston’s Harvard Square, and needless to say, they turned out in bunches to get a photo with the giant life-sized 7-foot statue.  And for those who missed it, the statue is expected to make his next appearance inside the TD Garden on Tuesday where he will be situated under the basket as the Celtics take on the Heat in their home-opener.

Hat Tip – []…visit them for more pics of the statue-Shaq.

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