Brock Lesnar’s Next Opponent To Be…The Undertaker? (Video)

Brock Lesnar entered the UFC’s Octagon on Saturday night as the Heavyweight Champion and a 2-to-1 favorite against the challenger, Cain Velasquez.  After leaving the octagon as a loser, it was not long before he received his next challenge.  Although, it came from a very unlikely source.

The WWE’s Undertaker was in attendance at UFC 121, and during an interview with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani following the main event, he and Lesnar just so happened to cross paths and exchange glances before the Undertaker asked Lesnar, “You wanna do it?”

Do what?  Is there some beef between these two that we should know about?  I kid you not folks, there was some serious tension here.  This wasn’t just another one of your acting jobs that we have come to expect from professional wrestlers.  These two really wanted to brawl!

So the only remaining question is, would such a fight take place in the UFC’s octagon, or the WWE’s squared-circle?

Hat Tip – [MMA Fighting]

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