Member Of The Chain Gang Stretchered Off Following Brutal Sideline Collision (Video)

It appears as though the NFL’s instructional video regarding head-shots was successful as there were zero penalties dished out for illegal hits to the head of defenseless receivers throughout this weekend’s 13 games.  However, the league may have a new problem on their hands: How do they protect defenseless officials and members of the chain crew?

An answer to this questions couldn’t come early enough for Al Nastaci, who was working with the chain gang during yesterday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns.  Following a punt from the Saints midway through the third quarter, Courtney Roby was making his way down the sideline when he ran full speed into Nastaci, knocking him hard to the ground.  Medical personnel immediately attended to Nastaci, who was hooked up to an IV, placed on a stretcher, and taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion.  He remained at the hospital overnight, but is expected to be fine.

As for Roby and the Saints, staying in bounds and refraining from running into officials was just one of the many things they couldn’t seem to do throughout the game, as they suffered yet another embarrassing defeat in what has already been an extremely disappointing campaign thus far for the defending Super Bowl champions.

Here is a look at the frightening incident from yesterday’s game.

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