Will “Off The Market” Prevent NFL Husbands From Cheating?

brett and deanna favre

Is Brett Favre really this powerful within NFL circles?  It appears as though the same man that can skip training camp and keep fans, teams, and the league waiting on his inevitable decision to return year in and year out has also inspired the wives of NFLers to develop a company to prevent players from cheating on their significant others.

With all the buzz around the league surrounding Favre’s dong shots that he sent to Jenn Sterger while playing with the New York Jets, several wives and girlfriends of current players have decided to join together and form a company that sponsors invitation-only gatherings for NFL couples which will allow them to socialize on the road and create a stronger bond with one another in an effort to maintain a “positive, healthy, sexy, fun relationship.”

Apparently “Off The Market” was developed in 2009 (if that’s the case, I guess it hasn’t been working out all that well), just prior to the Tiger Woods sexcapades scandal, but has received an increased amount of attention following the unveiling of Brett Favre’s sext-messaging fiasco.  The company was launched by Tia Robbins, wife of St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Fred Robbins, and also includes Jasmine Silva, girlfriend of Rams safety James Butler.

Am I the only one who finds it strange that this company seems to be headed by the wives and girlfriends of Rams players?  Let’s be serious for a second here.  Rams players haven’t had to worry about being hit on by road-tail and cheating on their wives since the beginning of the decade when Kurt Warner was leading them to Super Bowls and people actually knew who they were.

Hat Tip – [ABC News]

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