Bruins Fans Cheer “Thank-You-Kessel” Following Seguin Goal (Video)

When I first heard this chant from the Boston Bruins fans last night, I could have sworn I heard them saying “F*&k You Kessel,” but I guess I was wrong.  Instead, the Bruins fans were simply thanking the former Bruin-turned-Toronto Maple Leaf for giving their team the opportunity to draft Tyler Seguin after the 2010 second-overall pick scored the insurance goal in a 2-0 Boston victory.

So was Phil Kessel truly deserving of this chant from the Bruins’ faithful?  Sure, he may have been the one who was asking for too much money from Boston management, but it was Brian Burke’s idea to trade away a first and second round pick in 2010 and a first round pick in 2011.  And when those picks are coming from the Maple Leafs, you know that they will most likely land somewhere within the top ten, if not the top five.

So maybe the Bruins fans should be cheering “Thank You Burke,” rather than “Thank You Kessel.”  But either way, we love the creativity…and the fact that they kept it clean.  Way to stay classy Bruins fans (No sarcasm here)!

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