Giants Fans Brawl Inside McDonalds (Video)

I’m no detective, but I think I can figure out what caused this brawl to erupt at a San Francisco McDonalds following the Giants victory.

A bunch of drunk fans were too cheap to buy some over-priced food at AT&T Park, so immediately following the game they all rushed over to the nearest McDonalds.  Unfortunately, there were so many starving fat asses, and so few Big Macs to go around.  And one thing you do not want to do is keep an angry fat man, or woman, from having their Big Mac.  Fists begin to fly, girls are tossed to the ground and stomped on, the police arrive, and no one gets their Big Mac.

Sorry Giants fans, but just because your team beat the Phillies, it doesn’t mean you have to start acting like their fans.

P.S.  I guess not even a massive brawl could stop those two love-birds from feeding each other regurgitated Chicken McNuggets at the 1:15 mark.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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