Randy Moss Waived By Vikings…Was It Because Of This Press Conference? (Video)

I guess Randy Moss’ press conference last night following his return to New England was more than just another one of his strange rants.  It actually turned out to be his final farewell to the Minnesota Vikings.

Reports today have indicated that the Vikings have waived their newly acquired wide receiver just four weeks after trading a 3rd-round pick to the Patriots for him.  Moss was held to only one catch for 8 yards yesterday, and that seemed to have him missing Tom Brady and the rest of his former teammates in New England.  He talked about what it meant to him to be a member of the Pats during a press conference, and he also seemed to be questioning the decision-making of his current coaching staff leading up to yesterday’s game.

“I tried to prepare; tried to talk to the coaches and players about how this game was going to be played – a couple tendencies here and a couple tendencies there,” Moss said. “But the bad part about it, you have six days to prepare for a team and on (Sunday … they come over to me and say, ‘Dang, Moss, you were right about a couple plays and a couple schemes that they were going to run.’

“It hurts as a player that you put a lot of hard work in all week and toward the end of the week, Sunday, when you get on the field, that is when they acknowledge the hard work you have put in all week. So that is a disappointment.”  [NFL.com]

Vikings coach Brad Childress informed the media that he would allow Moss to hang back in Boston for a few days before re-joining the team in Minnesota, but now it appears as though Moss may get to hang with his old friends in Beantown for as long as he desires.

So with that being said, should we consider this press conference to be the final dagger that ended Randy Moss’ brief return to Minnesota?

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