Worst Call Ever Results In A Goal For Man U (Video)

Those watching the Manchester United vs. Tottenham game on Saturday likely experienced a great deal on confusion in the 84th minute when Man U’s Nani netted what may very well be one of the strangest goals you will see all season in the English Premiere League.

After going down in the Tottenham box, Nani thought he had been awarded a penalty shot and decided to grab the ball with his hand.  However, the foul was not called, but neither was Nani’s hand ball.  The Tottenham keeper was unaware of that fact, so when he set the ball for what he figured to be a free kick, he was quite surprised to see the official allow Nani to kick the ball into the Spurs’ goal.

As you would expect, the Tottenham players were not all that pleased with the referee’s missed call, which helped United seal the 2-0 victory.  Here is a look at the blown call.

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