Giants Win! Oldest Fan Celebrates! Brian Wilson Wants To Rage! (PIC + VIDS)

oldest giants fan

Since obtaining the Giants MLB franchise from New York in 1958, the people of San Francisco have waited a long time to see their hometown team take home a World Series Championship.  Last night, the Giants were awarded with their first since moving to the Bay area after defeating the Texas Rangers 3-1 during Game 5 of the World Series.

The victory had every Giants fan and player celebrating, including this incredibly old-looking lady (above) who appears as though she was around back in 1905 when the Giants were busy winning their first World Series title while playing in New York.  And she wasn’t the only one who received an extra kick of adrenaline during the festivities.

The victory felt so great, it even made Giants’ closer Brian Wilson “want to rage.”

And he wasn’t the only one! Let The celebratory rioting begin!!!

That sure is some weak victory rioting. I guess that is what we probably should have expected from a bunch of lazy pot-smokers.

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