Is Kim Kardashian Dating LeBron James?

kim k and lebron

A great booty body isn’t all that Kim Kardashian is know for these days.  The celebrity smokeshow, and her sisters, have also made a name for themselves by bringing championships to the men they mate with.  Kim has already brought a Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints last year while dating running back Reggie Bush, and now that she has left the Cowboys’ Miles Austin (did you actually think she would settle for a 1-6 record?), she is free to roam, and her sights may be set on Miami’s newest big attraction, LeBron James.

Rumors out of have stated that there may be something going on between Kim K and King James.  The two are said to have partied together and shared a mutual attraction, and Kardashian had recently attended a Nets-Heat game as a “personal guest” of LeBron.

As you would expect, James was not too happy after reading the story from, and posted the following on his Twitter.

lebron angry tweet

We wont go so far as to say that this story is true.  Remember, James is married and has two kids, and when you are as popular as he is, you tend to have many friends, both male and female.  However, the last couple of times we received information regarding popular sports athletes, sex, and females that weren’t their wives, they turned out to be true…Just saying…

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