Early Celebration Costs Columbian First Place At World Roller Speed Skating Championships (Video)

Never give up.  It isn’t over till the fat lady sings.  Play till the final whistle.

These are all words of advice that this Colombian roller speed skater could have used prior to stepping out on the track for his final race at the 2010 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.  Unfortunately for him, the race did not end after the final turn, and although that is when he figured he had things wrapped up, he couldn’t have been more mistaken.

After raising his hands in celebration several meters ahead of the finish line, the Colombian skater slowed up just enough to allow the South Korean skater to glide past the finish line inches ahead of him, turning what appeared to be an easy victory into a heartbreaking second-place finish for this premature celebrator.

Captain Hindsight would probably tell him he shouldn’t have given up.