We’ll Give This Cristiano Ronaldo Dive A 9.4 Out Of 10 (Video)

To any soccer player who has ever had a problem with critics of the game calling those that play it “sissies”, may I just say that you only have yourselves to blame…and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sure, not all soccer players are sissies.  Sometimes they really do get hurt, but find a way to tough it out and remain in the game after receiving a flying knee to the face.  However, such acts are often overshadowed by those who choose to fall to the pitch after the slightest of touches.  And it certainly doesn’t help when one of the biggest names in the sport has built a reputation for himself as being among the game’s worst divers.

Cristiano Ronaldo was up to his old tricks again, falling to the ground and clutching his face as if he had just gone one round with Mike Tyson, after receiving a slight poke to the neck from the finger of AC Milan’s Ignazio Abate during yesterday’s UEFA Champions League action.

What else would you expect from a man with a purse?