Rabid Fan Base: 25 Animal Sports Fans and Mascots

Even as a devout sports fan, sometimes you just gotta say, “Screw it. Let’s look at some cute animals.” Fortunately, in the Venn diagram of “sports” and “cute animals,” there is a significant amount of overlap thanks to overzealous pet owners and the plethora of animal mascots in both pro and college sports. So turn off your thinking cap, enjoy the puppies, and don’t forget to talk shit about how ugly your rival school’s mascot is.

25. Bevo
UT Bevo
It’s pretty unfortunate that UT’s mascot is an animal that is so widely regarded as delicious. Though this season, it’s pretty apt.

24. Red Sox Dog
Red Sox Dog
“I am not opening my eyes until this curse is broken!”

23. UGA
UGA -Georgia
The Georgia mascot is nothing but awesome, but it’s unfortunate that their dog has the shortest life expectancy of any breed. I think they’re on the 523rd UGA this season.

22. Smokey
Smokey Tennessee
Has an animal ever better encapsulated the ethos of an entire state?

21. Ralphie
Ralphie Colorado Buffalo
My second favorite candidate for “mascot that will go wild and make headlines in a catastrophe.” Who’s number one? Keep readin’, pal.

20. Traveler
I like this mascot because it’s WAY less homoerotic than USC’s other mascot (on its back).

19. Tusk
Tusk Arkansas Razorback
“Tusk” has no tusks. Sweet irony. I was going to criticize the school for not dressing this guy up, but I wouldn’t volunteer to do it.

18. Peruna
SMU Peruna
This mascot was very apt for a long time. A Shetland pony for a Shetland football program.

17. Raiders Dog and Owner
raiders dog ad owner
Who is walking who here?

16. Ohio State Dog
ohio state dog in iraq
Ohio State should be proud to have this bad-ass dog wearing its colors.

15. USC Dog
Not the most intimidating of animal fans, but representative of many of the pets of USC alums.

14. Prince Redoubt
washington husky
The strangest name for a mascot on this list. Someone prove to me this name wasn’t lifted by UW from “Best in Show.”

13. Handsome Dan
Best name for a mascot or bulldog EVER. Moving on…

12. LSU Tiger
LSU Tiger in Cage
My number one candidate for horrible mascot-related tragedy. Granted that animal is in a cage, but it’s only one ill-advised Tiger fan away from sweet, sweet freedom.

11. Butler Blue II
Bulldogs are the new black for mascots.

10. Jack the Bulldog
Georgetown Mascot Jack The Bulldog
Oh snap! This dog just got iced!

9. Miles
It’s kind of uncanny how much this image resembles the Broncos’ helmet logo.

8. Mach 1
air force falcon mach 1
Sweet name for the Air Force falcon. I would be sorely disappointed if this guy can’t do barrel rolls or at least buzz the flight deck.

7. Politically Active Dog
Euthanize Vick
May their song never die…

6. Mets Dog
Mets Dog
A rare baseball-related animal costume. And why should these animals be relegated to football costumes? God bless you, unknown Mets dog owner.

5. English Soccer Dog
England Soccer Dog
The fact that this dog isn’t a bulldog is kind of killing me right now.

4. Saints Dog
Saints Dog
If you can’t imagine this dog leading a parade, playing trumpet on “When the Saints Come Marching In,” then you’re just not trying hard enough.

3. Bears Dog
Chicago Bears Dog
I know that look from dogs. That dog is pooping on the couch. We just can’t see it.

2. Miami Dog
UMiami Dog
Never has an animal’s expression encapsulated the emotions of so many fans.

1. Buckeye Dog
Buckeye Dog
This guy looks really upset cause his mom and dad went to Michigan, but he doesn’t know how to convey that to his Buckeye owners.

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