NFL Network Names Jerry Rice The Greatest Of All Time


It is a list that will likely be debated for weeks to come.  Does Peyton Manning deserve to be ranked ahead of Tom Brady?  Should the lack of a championship really keep Dan Marino out of the top 20?  Was Lawrence Taylor really the greatest defensive player ever?

These questions can all be debated, but what is tough to argue with is Jerry Rice being honored as the NFL Network’s best player of all time.  It is tough to create such a list.  After all, how do you compare a quarterback to a defensive end, or a linebacker to a running back.  But what makes it easy to accept Rice as the top player on such a list is the fact that he is by far the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game.

Jerry rice is not only the owner of every major receiving record, but he owns them all by a long shot.  With 197 career touchdowns receptions, he sits 49 ahead of the next closest receiver, which happens to be Randy Moss (148).  His 22,895 receiving yards are an outstanding 7687 ahead of Isaac Bruce, who is second on that list.  And his 1549 pass receptions are 447 more than Marvin Harrison’s 1102.

Sure, some may argue that a quarterback or running back is much more important than a wide receiver, but it is hard to argue with the fact that no one dominated their position quite like Jerry Rice did during his 20 seasons in the league.  And his three Super Bowl rings certainly don’t hurt his cause.

Here is a look at how the NFL Network ranked the top 20 players of all time.  For the entire list of the top 100, you can check them out here.

1. Jerry Rice, WR, 49ers
2. Jim Brown, RB, Browns
3. Lawrence Taylor, LB, Giants
4. Joe Montana, QB, 49ers
5. Walter Payton, RB, Bears
6. Johnny Unitas, QB, Colts
7. Reggie White, DE, Eagles
8. Peyton Manning, QB, Colts
9. Don Hutson, WR, Packers
10. Dick Butkus, LB, Bears
11. Ronnie Lott, DB, 49ers
12. Anthony Munoz, T, Bengals
13. Joe Greene, DT, Steelers
14. Sammy Baugh, QB, Redskins
15. Deacon Jones, DE, Rams
16. Otto Graham, QB, Browns
17. Barry Sanders, RB, Lions
18. Ray Lewis, LB, Ravens
19. Bronko Nagurski, FB, Bears
20. Brett Favre, QB, Packers

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