Andy Reid Was One Giant 13-Year-Old Boy (Video)

Andy Reid Was On Giant 13-Year-Old Boy

After taking a look at this footage of a young 13-year-old Andy Reid tower over the other, normal-sized 13-year-old boys during a punt, pass and kick competition, I can’t help but wonder whether the 1996 movie “Jack” was inspired by the young Philadelphia Eagles head coach (in case you forgot what the movie “Jack” was all about, you can see the trailer below).

I couldn’t help but laugh for hours on end after seeing this clip.  It is no surprise to hear that Andy Reid was rather large as a child, but not even I expected this!  It is almost as if his parents altered his birth certificate by 8 years just so their child could win this damn competition.

Ahahahahaha! Yeah, I’d say this movie fits the description of Reid’s childhood…to a tee!!!

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