Creepy ASU Tailgating Grandpa Is Back! (Video)

Creepy ASU Tailgating Grandpa Is BackA few months back we provided you with a glimpse of the old man that was quickly making a name for himself as the life of the Arizona State tailgate parties.  His dance moves were enough to tear apart the strongest of rugs, and his grinding with the ASU ladies was so hard at times we feared he may start a fire.

So what ever happened to that groovin’ old grandpa?  Was it time for him to check into the old-age home?  Did he surrender to the grim reaper?

No!  He is still rocking those ASU tailgate parties, and we have the footage to prove it!

What is it about being an old man that makes all the hot young females want to grind up on you?

And here is another great clip from earlier in the season, which we have recently come across.

Hat Tip – [On Campus Drama]

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