Confused Quarterback Surrenders Game-Winning TD On Final Play (Video)

Cowboys fans might remember the play that started their entire 2010 debacle of a season.  It came on the last play of the first half during their season opener, when most expected them to simply take a knee and head into halftime trailing 3-0.  Instead, Tony Romo and company decided to run a play, which turned into a Redskins fumble return for a touchdown.  It was all downhill from there.

Something tells me Winter Springs quarterback Garrett Etheridge didn’t catch that play.  And if he did, he clearly learned nothing from it.

With the game tied, and only seconds remaining in regulation, Etheridge was looking to run out the clock and take the game into overtime.  But rather than simply taking a knee, he decided to run around for several seconds before seemingly handing the ball off to Oviedo’s Jake Redding, who returned it 20 yards for the game-winning touchdown.

Ever hear someone use the saying, “We handed them the game.”  Etheridge literally did just that on this play.

But don’t let that keep you down Garrett. Hold your head up high. It’s only one play in a high school football game. Things could be worse. Just ask Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

Hat Tip – [Orlando Sentinel]

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