High School Girls Streak During Football Game (Video)

It may be tough to tell because the videographer appears to be the same shaky-handed guy that filmed The Blair Witch Project, but trust me when I tell you that this is a video of two female students who figured it would be a cool idea to streak during the halftime show of a California high school football game.

With approximately 5000 people in attendance at the Yuba City High School football field, these two ladies from the rival River Valley High School made their way through a gate and onto the field where they dropped their clothes and ran for about 70 yards before being tackled by Yuba City police officers on the neighboring baseball field.

I am not entirely sure if these two ladies got completely nude, but when you consider their age, and perhaps their lack of attractiveness, maybe we are better off not knowing the answer to that question.

Hat Tip – [Ted Williams Head]

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