Robert Allen’s Errant Tee-Shot Strikes Fan In Head (Video)

At the Australian Masters, an errant tee shot on the 10th hole by Australia’s No. 1 player, Robert Allen, struck an innocent bystander in his dome, causing him to instantly drop to the ground and needing an immediate trip to the hospital. The man was bleeding quite profusely, but as he was taken away on a stretcher, he managed to give a grin and thumbs up to the stunned crowd. As far as we know, he should be okay.

It’s a surprise that this doesn’t happen more often in golf. I realize that these are professionals — the greatest golfers in the world — but naturally, crowds of people swarm the fairways in ways that make it pretty hard to get out of the way should a golfer happen to hit an errant shot their way, as Allen did here. Even if the fans are capable of moving, often times they lose track of the ball mid-air or aren’t even attempting to track the ball.  This doesn’t happen often, but it’s definitely a scary sight to see when it does, one that should raise some extra caution.

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