This Lady Has Amazing Basketball Skills (Video)

You know, in all fairness, if I could find a ‘Pop-a-Shot’ machine that returned the balls as fast as they did on this one, I would probably be as totally awesome as this old lady. Or not.

At first glance I thought that video was sped up or doctored in some way. On the second viewing, I was wishing that it was fake. And the third time I watched it I was just pissed. The fourth time I watched it I thought maybe it was Joakim Noah because of the bun in her hair. But then I realized that even though Joakim has improved his shot greatly, he can’t sink them like that.

I didn’t watch it anymore after that. But if that lady thinks she is so awesome, how come she doesn’t play in the WNBA? And how come she can’t hit other kinds of shots like Dude Perfect? So she can score like 800 on the machine. One-dimensional. Call us back when you get more game.

(End jealous rant)

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