UFC’s LeBron James “Rise” Commercial Parody (Video)

Dana White and the UFC have the answer to LeBron James’ question, “What should I do?”. That answer? “I don’t give a F**k!”

This is a genius and hilarious way to promote UFC 122 on Spike this Saturday night, as well as sticking the needle where it deserves to be stuck. LeBron is a big wuss, as he proved a while back when he didn’t want to have footage released when that college kid dunked it on his blown up head.

Now I know the UFC didn’t produce this video, but I bet they love it to death. Give that kid a job. He understands that there aren’t many left that like this self-proclaimed ‘King’. In fact, most people make fun of him and think he’s a bee-yotch — even comedians.

Oh well. At least LeBron and the Heat are totally dominating the NBA. Let me pull up the standings here real quick. 5-4? Guess that Bulls record is safe after all. The bigger question is whether LeBron and the Heat will have home court when the first round of the NBA playoffs start.

Hat Tip Video – [CageWriter]

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