Sean Avery’s Antics Spark A Massive Brawl Between The Oilers and Rangers (Video)

Any questions regarding who the biggest, cheapest pest in the NHL is were likely answered yesterday afternoon during a game between the New York Rangers and the Edmonton Oilers at Madison Square Gardens.

With the Rangers leading by a score of 5-2, things got completely out of hand, thanks to super-pest, Sean Avery.  After laying out the Oilers’ Colin Fraser along the boards, Avery was challenged to a fight by Ladislav Smid, but declined.  Or at least it appeared as though he had declined.  After refusing to drop the gloves, Avery waited until Smid began to skate away before dropping his gloves and landing a sucker-punch on the chin of the Oilers’ defenseman.

That cowardly act clearly angered the Oilers players, and after Avery skated by their bench laughing, they had seen enough and all hell broke loose.  Both Ryan Whitney and Theo Peckham went after Avery as he was escorted off the ice, sparking a massive line-brawl that included just about everyone who was on the ice, except for Avery, of course.

After it was all sorted out, 124 minutes in penalties were handed out in the melee, including six fighting majors, five ten-minute misconducts, and four game-misconducts.  There is also some questions regarding how the league will handle this entire incident, and whether they will punish the Oilers’ Theo Peckham, who appeared to have come off the bench to instigate the brawl.

Peckham had the following to say after the game:

“I just watched my teammate ask a guy to fight,” Peckham said. “Avery said ‘No, no next shift.’ And as soon as Smider turned around, he sucker punched him. He skated by our bench laughing. I definitely made a mistake and went a little wonky, but we’re family and sometimes you have to make a stand for yourself.” []

The Rangers would eventually win the game by a score of 8-2, thanks in large part to a Marian Gaborik hat-trick.  However, the stellar performance from the Rangers’ sniper was easy overshadowed by what took place with 8:42 remaining in the third period.  Here is a look at the entire incident.

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