Selfish Nani Spoils Brilliant Cristiano Ronaldo Goal (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ball-handling skills are no secret, and while the Portuguese soccer star has scored plenty of brilliant goals throughout his career, it appeared as though he was on the verge of netting one of his prettiest during yesterday’s friendly against Spain.  After speeding down the wing with the ball at his feet, Ronaldo quickly put on the breaks, sending Spanish defender Gerard Pique sliding by, before chipping a perfect shot over the head of goalkeeper Iker Casillas.  Just when it seemed as though we had witnessed another moment of brilliance from the Portuguese captain, an offside Nani decided to spoil things by getting his head on the ball inches before it crossed the line.

There was no question as to whether the ball would have made it into the net without the aid of Nani.  It was still in the air when it reached the goal line with no defenders close enough to prevent it from going in.

So how did Ronaldo feel about this?  I think his reaction says it all.

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