Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 9 Unexpected Attacks from Angry Athletes


On Sunday, Oakland Raiders’ defensive end Richard Seymour gave an open-hand slap to Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback and accused rapist Ben Roethlisberger. While Seymour did what millions of Americans wish they could do, he was ejected from the game. After all, if we allowed every scumbag in professional sports to get slapped, there’d be no time to play the actual games. Even so, we’d like to honor Seymour with this list of 9 other athletes who have unexpectedly lashed out in violence. While we don’t condone the behavior, it’s certainly fun to watch.

9. Kermit Washington Decks Rudy Tomjanavich
There are punches, and then there are punches. This old-school clip of Kermit Washington laying out Rudy Tomjanavich is simply “amazing.” After all, basketball is pretty phyiscal, but how often do you see someone get knocked the f*** out?

8. Jim Evertt and Jim Rome
It’s Jim Evert, not Chris Evert. That’s a lesson Jim Rome learned the hard way. While there’s plenty of violence on TV, it’s not usually found on sports-talk shows. To be honest, I’d like to see more of this type of behavior. Somebody needs to punch the Gumble boys.

7. Fencing Surprise
Fencing isn’t a sport that lends itself to a sucker punch. But somehow, this guy finds a way to incorporate it into his technique. I guess sometimes a sword just isn’t enough.

6. LeGarrette Blount
Incidents of punching aren’t confined to the NFL, at least not when LeGarrette Blount is involved. Take, for example, this clip of Blount attacking a player from Boise State. Apperently, it wasn’t an isolated incident, as Blount went on to punch his own teammate during a Tennessee Titans’ practice session. Stay class, LeGarrette.

5. Clash of the Chicago Catchers
In 2006, Chicago White Sox Catcher A.J. Pierzynski smashed into Cubs catcher Michael Barrett, scoring a run in the process. After all, knocking over a catcher when coming home is part of the game. What isn’t part of the game is having the catcher get up and sucker punch you afterward. But as the photo above demonstrates, that’s just what Michael Barrett did. Benches were cleared, more punches were thrown, and the Cubs still lost. Imagine that.

4. Tom Gamboa
While the occasional on field scuffle is somewhat expected, having the crowd participate is certainly bizarre. But that’s what happened when the Kansas City Royals played the Chicago White Sox in 2002. In what may go down as the trashiest moments in MLB history, two scumbags from the South-Suburbs of Chicago took off their shirts and charged the KC base coach, Tom Gamboa, for no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, the Bill of Rights prevents us from torturing these animals for the rest of their pathetic lives, but at least the KC bench got in a lot of good hits.

3. Elizabeth Lambert
When you think of random acts of violence, girls’ soccer doesn’t usually come to mind. Well, it didn’t used to. But thanks to Elizabeth Lambert, that perception has changed. As this brutal clip shows, beat downs aren’t just for the boys.

2. Kicking the Catcher
In baseball, players charge the mound all the time. Usually, they don’t dropkick the catcher before they charge. But this minor league ballplayer threw convention to the wind, and decided to take on the entire team, starting with the catcher. Unsportsmanlike? Yep. Awesome? Yep.

1. Zidane Headbutts Materazzi
Trash talk during a soccer game? Expected. Headbutting a trash talker in the championship game of the World Cup and losing the game for your team? Unexpected. Apparently, Zidane doesn’t react well to being disrespected, even if it means losing the most important game in sports. Good for him, I guess.

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