Richard Seymour’s Right Hook Drops Big Ben (Video)

seymour punches roethlisbergerI’m pretty sure if you were Richard Seymour and had to live with the thought of being traded from the always great New England Patriots to the always terrible Oakland Raiders, you would be pretty damn upset too.  And watching Ben Roethlisberger expose your secondary for touchdown after touchdown certainly wouldn’t make things any better.  But is punching the Steelers’ quarterback in the face any way to react to such circumstances?

After throwing a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders late in the first half, Roethlisberger had something to say to the Raiders’ disgruntled defensive lineman, who responded to his words with an open-handed palm to the face.  That shot would drop Big Ben to the ground, and earn Seymour an ejection.

So did Seymour really think that a man who has likely endured several palms to the face from all the unwilling women he his hit on, would let such a shot keep him from finishing the game?  Don’t count on it!  Big Ben would manage to recover just in time to throw another two touchdown passes during a 35-3 drubbing of the Raiders.

Here is a look at the incident.

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