The Stat Line of the Night — 11/22/10 — Drew Brees

drew breesDrew Brees has had days like this before.  Days where he’s not just good, but great.  This time, however, his phenomenal day put him over the top in terms of the all-time New Orleans Saints completion record.  His 1850th completion in the 2nd quarter broke Archie Manning’s record held since 1982.  On the other end of this week’s Breesy beatdown?  The Seahawks, who fell 34-19 at the hands of what might be one of the best quarterbacks of all-time.

Drew Brees’ numbers were spectacular as usual.  He completed 29 passes on 43 attempts with an 8.9 yards per pass average.  He also threw 4 touchdown passes.  Although he was picked off twice, the game was well in hand and the Saints are looking like one of the league’s best once again.  Brees also threw for 382 yards and finished with a quarterback rating of 106.9.  Marques Colston caught 8 of his passes for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns, but 9 other Saints also caught at least 1 pass.

Brees and the Saints appear to have righted the ship after a shaky start to their Super Bowl defense.  They are 7-3 and sit one game behind the Atlanta Falcons for the best record in the NFC.  They are clearly not a team to take lightly, as Drew Brees proved in grabbing another “Stat Line of the Night”.

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