Marc Staal Rocks Matt Stajan With Hard Open-Ice Hit (Video)

marc staal levels matt stajanThe NHL may be looking to crack down on blind-sided hits, but that is no excuse for players not to keep their heads up at all times.  Unfortunately for Matt Stajan, he would be forced to learn that lesson the hard way last night.

With just over ten minutes remaining in the game, the Flames’ center was looking to set-up the game-tying goal as he carried the puck into the Rangers’ zone on a three-on-three break.  What he wasn’t looking for, however, was Rangers’ defenseman Marc Staal, who caught Stajan with his head down as he delivered a devastating open-ice hit on him.  The result of the play would be a dazed Stajan, and no penalty for Staal as the referees deemed it to be a legal check.  The NHL has agreed with such an assessment, as they have decided not to hand down any suspension or fine to Staal after taking a closer look at the incident.

Here is a look at the hit, which may be the hardest the 2010-11 season has had to offer thus far.