Did Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos And Xabi Alonso Get Sent Off On Purpose? (Video)

ramos and alonso time wastingHere are the facts.

With Real Madrid leading Ajax 4-0 late in their UEFA Champions League group stage match, the Spanish side had already clinched a spot in the knockout round with one more group stage match remaining.  And with Jose Mourinho being the soccer mastermind that he is, the Real Madrid coach used this lopsided lead to help give some of his key players a clean slate going into the knockout round.

Both Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos had each received a yellow card earlier in the game, and one more yellow card throughout the competition would see them miss what could end up being a very important game as the tournament progresses.  So rather than deal with such circumstances, Mourinho relayed a message to both Ramos and Alonso, instructing them to intentionally waste time and earn themselves each a second yellow card so that they would be sent off for this match, suspended for their final meaningless group stage match, and return in the knockout stage with a clean slate.

First Mourinho called Xabi Alonso over to the sideline and whispered something in his ear.  Moments later, Alonso performed his seizure-like free kick that left the referee with no choice but to show him his second yellow of the game.  But Real’s antics would not end there.  Mourinho was also seen telling a member of his coaching staff something.  Moments later that same staff member went over to Real’s keeper, Iker Cassilas, to give him some water and relay that message, which was immediately delivered from Casillas to Sergio Ramos.  Lo and behold, only a few minutes later is was Sergio Ramos performing his obvious time-wasting, yellow-card-inducing act during a goal kick.

There is no question as to whether this was all part of Mourinho’s grand scheme.  But should we consider it to be a blatant act of cheating, or simply a smart move?  Let the debate begin!

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