2010 NFL Weekly Locks: Week 12

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So close, yet so far.  That sums up our picks for last week.  While we were correct in picking the Packers to cover and the over in both the Colts-Pats and Lions-Cowboys match-ups, we were a single point away from making it a perfect 4-for-4 as the Monday night battle between the Chargers and Broncos finished with a total of 49 points, one shy of the 50 that we predicted this game would surpass.

However, we did still manage to escape week 12 with a 3-1 record, improving our season total to 19-24-1.  If we can put together a few more solid weeks like last, it wont be long before we get back above the .500 mark.

Here is a look at our TotalProSports.com 2010 NFL Weekly Locks for week twelve.

The Game: Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Giants
The Pick: Jaguars +7.5
The Reason: With Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks both out, Brandon Jacobs back in as the starting running back, and Ahmad Bradshaw struggling to hold onto the ball, it appears as though things are going downhill quickly for the Giants.  That should benefit the Jaguars, who currently find themselves at 6-4 atop the tight AFC South.  Look for Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jags to continue their hot run as they keep things close against the Giants in this game.

The Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Baltimore Ravens
The Pick: Buccaneers +7
The Reason: The Bucs may not be the best team in the NFC, as their coach Raheem Morris once said, but they sure are close.  At 7-3, they currently find themselves only one game out of first in the conference.  What is most impressive about their performance thus far is their 4-1 record on the road.  Look for the Bucs to come out with yet another solid defensive effort as they keep things close against the Ravens in this game.

The Game: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills
The Pick: Steelers -6
The Reason: The Bills currently find themselves in the middle of a 2-game winning streak, but don’t expect them to turn that into a 3-game winning streak after a meeting with the Steelers on Sunday.  With every passing week, Ben Roethlisberger appears to be getting more and more comfortable.  Now he will be up against a struggling Bills defense.  Look for Big Ben and the Steelers offense to put up some big numbers, while their defense should be able to shut down the Buffalo offense enough to cover the 6-point spread.

Game: San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts
Pick: Colts -1
Reason: The Colts find themselves with a disappointing 6-4 record thus far this season, but they have yet to lose a game at home.  Look for them to continue their success at Lucas Oil Stadium as Peyton Manning should be able to outscore the Chargers and come away with a big win on Sunday night.

Overall Record: 19-24-1 (Last Week’s Record: 3-1)

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