Cortland Finnegan And Andre Johnson Slug It Out On The Football Field (Video)

finnegan vs johnsonThroughout his first five seasons in the NFL, Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan has developed a reputation as a nasty, hard-nosed, and sometimes dirty player.  Among teammates his style of play may earn him respect, however, it only appears to anger and agitate his opponents.

During yesterday afternoon’s game between the Houston Texans and the Tennessee Titans, Andre Johnson became the latest player to find himself on the receiving end of Finnegan’s antics, but unlike many before him, he was not about to stand around and take it.

With the Texans leading 17-0 midway through the fourth quarter, tempers flared between Johnson and Finnegan during a 3rd & 8 play.  After tearing each others’ helmets off, Johnson landed two blows to the head of Finnegan before they were separated.  Another scuffle between several players from both teams immediately ensued until the officials were finally able to restore order.

Both Johnson and Finnegan were ejected from the game, and there is definitely a possibility that one, or both, could receive a suspension from Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Here is a look at the incident.

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