21 Great Moments in Sports-Related Cleavage

I’ve been sent on a mythical quest. I’m off to find the whitest of white whales: female athlete cleavage. When they’re not flat-chested, they’re often covered up by softball jerseys or basketball jerseys. So that allows tennis, volleyball, golf, and track to rise up and provide to us the skimpy outfits that give us a view. We also threw in a few ring girls, wrestlers, and lingerie footballers, because when it comes to cleavage, the more the merrier. So away we go.

21. Martina Hingis
martina hingis
Martina is taking a moment to appreciate what a killer rack she has.

20. Rachel Wacholder
Rachel Wacholder knows that if you stare directly at her chest in real life, you turn to stone. So she turns away from her Medusa boobs.

19. Los Angeles Temptation Players
Well, the first place you should go when looking for cleavage is the Lingerie football league. And the first city you check out in the LFL is Los Angeles. No surprises there.

18. Allison Stokke
While these are technically supposed to be action shots of athletes, Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter, she’s on a track, and she’s sustained an injury. I was going to find a way to include this one come hell or high water.

17. Marta Domachowska
If you can say her name, and make it sound sexy, then Marta Domachowska will be yours. Believe that long enough and it might become true.

16. Serena Williams
Serena at the Australian Open. Broad shoulders, broad chest. This girl is just huge in every sense.

15. Edith Labelle
It’s pretty shocking that a UFC ring girl would have cleavage, but here we are…And yes, she’s an athlete. Those placards weight damn near ten ounces!

14. Jelena Jankovic
That actually isn’t your typical tennis “grunt” face. Jelena was injured in late in this match and was actually playing through tears in the Australian Open. I know she makes me want to cry.

13. Kiira Korpi
Kiira Korpi
Kiira Korpi is a Finnish figure skater. Fun fact: In Finland, this is how you say hello to a businessman.

12. Michelle Kwan
Skaters should be docked a full point if the don’t perform this move in a low-cut dress during every routine. Let’s make that a rule.

11. Holly McPeak
Hey, Holly McPeak: Show me the sexiest stance in all sports. Thank you.

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