Was Vernon Davis Crying Before Monday Night’s Game? (PIC)

vernon davis crying

He sure was!

The 49ers Pro-Bowl tight end provided his team with an inspirational pre-game speech on the field prior to the start of their Monday Night battle with the Arizona Cardinals.  And the player who appeared to be most inspired by Vernon Davis‘ words was…himself!!!

Emotions are always running high prior to a football game as players perform their pre-game chats, chants and cheers, but is it ever a good thing to be crying minutes before you are expected to take the field and play one of the most physical sports on the planet?  I wouldn’t think so, but it did appear to work out well for the 49ers in this instance.

Then again, after watching the embarrassing effort put forth by the Cards, Davis likely wasn’t the only one who found himself with tears in his eyes on Monday night.  As for Arizona’s quarterback, Derek Anderson, you would have to believe that he would be among those shedding tears, but he chose to laugh it off instead.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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