Dwight Howard Mocks Derek Anderson’s Press Conference (Video)

Dwight Howard Mocks Derek AndersonThe Derek Anderson post-game press conference blow-up following Monday night’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers has been making waves throughout America.  It even reached the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, and he couldn’t help but respond to it.

You see, Howard has been known for his propensity to smile and laugh on the court prior to, during and after games.  However, he has also developed a reputation as one of the NBA’s most dominant centers, averaging an impressive 21.3 points per game and 12.1 rebound per game this season.  Those numbers have guided Orlando to the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

As for Anderson, his numbers are simply atrocious (7 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 68.2 quarterback rating), and so is his team ( 3-8, last in the NFC West).

So what does this all mean?  Simple. Howard can laugh and smile all he wants.  That’s what winners do.  They are awarded with such opportunities because they are winning, which is what makes the game fun.  As for Anderson, the only laughing he should be doing is at himself, behind closed doors.

So in conclusion, laugh away Dwight!  We don’t mind.  Just make sure you keep the wins coming.

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