Gary Lineker Admits To Soiling Himself During 1990 World Cup (Video)

For our disgusting sports story of the day, we take you all the way back to the 1990 World Cup of Soccer in Italy, where after two decades English legend Gary Lineker has admitted to “fertilizing the field” during his side’s opening match of the tournament against Ireland.

During an interview with BBC Radio, Lineker detailed the events that led to the soiling of his soccer shorts, and how he was left with a rather messy situation afterwards.  Thankfully it was raining that day, allowing him to wipe some of that mess onto the ground before cleaning his hands on the wet grass.  However, that was still not enough to mask the gruesome stench, which would help provide him with much more room on the pitch throughout the remainder of the match.

Best of all, there just so happens to be video evidence of the incident, which shows Lineker scooting his ass along the ground like a dog and wiping up the mess with his hands.  Hopefully he was kind enough to refuse post-game handshakes with the Irish players.

Here is a clip of the incident, which is accompanied by the audio from Lineker’s BBC interview detailing the event.

Hat Tip – [Asylum]