LeBron James Throws Erik Spoelstra Through A Barber Shop Window (Parody Video)

LeBron James Throws Erik Spoelstra Through A Barber Shop WindowLet the LeBron James love/hate fest continue.  But rather than provide you with yet another clip of something that happened during his return to Cleveland last night, we thought we would bring you this video that we found, courtesy of our friends at Barstool Sports.

While it may be tough to match the LeBron, Bosh and Wade NWO Parody from earlier in the year, this recreation of a clip from the memorable WWF moment that saw Shawn Michaels throw his tag-team partner at the time, Marty Jannetty, through the glass window of Brutus Beefcake’s “Barbershop” comes awfully close.   And although LeBron has yet to actually throw Erik Spoelstra through any windows (he has however thrown him under the bus, so to speak), something tells me that James has played this scenario out in his head at least once since joining the Heat in the off-season.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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