Chargers Fans Beat Raiders Fans In The Parking Lot (Video)

Chargers Fans Beat Raiders Fans In The Parking LotDamn, those Raiders fans are something else!  Not only is it well known that you don’t enter the Oakland Coliseum wearing the jersey of an opposing team (at least not if you want to leave in one piece), but it appears as though the Raiders’ supporters are not afraid to walk into the stadium of a bitter rival, watch their team lay a beatdown, and follow  that up by talking trash to a parking lot full of Chargers fans before instigating a fight with them.

It seems as though all the alcohol may have blurred the judgment of these two Raiders fans just a bit.  Did they really think they could start a fight with a half-dozen angry Chargers fans and walk away unscathed?  Your team may have won the game, but you guys just lost the war.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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