Sidney Crosby’s Highlight Reel Assist (Video)

Sidney Crosby's Highlight Reel AssistNot many players in the league can turn a bad pass into a great dangle that leads to a highlight reel assist, but Sidney Crosby certainly can.  That was exactly what the Penguins’ captain did last night during a game against the New Jersey Devils.

Skating full speed down the left side of the boards, Crosby took a pass from Pascal Dupuis that would have forced most players in the league to come to a full stop in order to receive it, but not Sid the Kid.  Rather than break stride, he simply took the pass off his left skate, kicking it through his legs and up to his stick before sending a perfect one-time pass across the ice to Chris Kunitz for the spectacular goal.

Many people have debated who the best hockey player in the league really is.  Some have said Alex Ovechkin, while others are beginning to talk about Steven Stamkos, but as good as both of those players are, plays like this only serve as a reminder that the label of “Best Player in the NHL” belongs to one man, and his name is Sidney Crosby.

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