Blind Swimmer Inspires His Teammates (Video)

Blind Swimmer Inspires His TeammatesCounting each and every one of your strokes as you race across your lane can be difficult while in the heat of the battle, but it is what Jason Polansky must do every time he jumps into the pool.  Not because it helps him stay focused, or because it is some crazy superstition, but because it is the only way he can determine whether he is approaching the wall.

You see, while most swimmers can simply look up and see the wall, when Jason looks up, he sees nothing.  That is because Jason was born blind, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he loves.

Swimming since the age of four, Polansky is now a freshman on the Catoctin High School swim team.  And while it is anyone’s guess how he will perform during his first meet, his contribution to the team has already been deemed insurmountable by his inspired teammates.

Here is a look at the story of Jason Polansky.

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