Soccer’s Double-Elbow Attack Will Not Earn You A Card (Video)

Of all the things we have seen soccer players being booked for in the past, I cannot believe this is not one of them.  In an effort to create some room for his keeper to come out and snatch a loose ball, Montpellier defender Emir Spahic resorted to the ever-so-dangerous behind-the-back-double-elbow, which is something we would expect to see in an MMA ring, rather than on a soccer pitch.  The strike landed square on the cheek of the oncoming Brest player, Nolan Roux, sending him to the ground in pain.

As dirty as it was, the play worked to perfection in this case as the Montpellier keeper was not only able to get to the ball in time to prevent a scoring opportunity, but Spahic was not even booked for the infraction.  Hopefully this maneuver does not follow in the footsteps of the kung-fu kick to the chest and become the next dangerous epidemic within the game of soccer.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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