High School Mascot Hospitalized Following Pep Rally Assault (Video)

Perhaps Mitch Cater could have used some of those mascot MMA training lessons from Georges St-Pierre.  They probably could have helped him fend off all those overly aggressive junior varsity football players.

During a pep rally Friday prior to Backersfield High School’s Valley Conference championship game against Clovis West High School, Mitch volunteered to wear a chicken suit and impersonate Clovis West’s golden eagle mascot, but before the skit could take place he was ambushed by several members of the junior varsity football team.

Footage of the incident shows wave after wave of students wrestling Carter to the ground and piling on top of him.  The entire fiasco lasted nearly 25 seconds before the Bakersfield High student body president was rescued by some fellow students.  He was taken to the hospital where he received several stitches and was tested for a potential concussion.

As for the students involved, eleven of them have since been suspended for their role in the incident.  Here is a look at what transpired.

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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