Grandpa Vs. Child During Washington Wizards Dance-Off (Video)

What is with all the seniors dancing at sporting events these days?  And it isn’t just your typical hip-twisting, fist-pumping style of dancing that we are witnessing.  This is the type of full-blown air-humping, booty-thrusting, sexually suggestive dancing that we are used to seeing from a group of drunk and horny college students at a frat party.  So who is responsible for slipping Viagra into the drinks of all these old-timers?

And it appears as though a tailgate party isn’t the only place grandma and grandpa can test out their artificial hip.  This old man was caught in the middle of a dance-off with a much younger opponent (like 70 years younger) during the Washington Wizards Tuesday night game against the Los Angeles Lakers.  And while the grandpa gets about two full minutes of airtime in this clip, the young child receives only five seconds, and that was all he needed to transition through “the flex”, “you can’t see me,” and “the pelvic thrust” (1:32 mark).

It is going to be tough to pick a winner between these two.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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