Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night – Cammalleri and Krejci Exchange Goals For Punches – 12/16/10

Both the Canadiens’ Mike Cammalleri and the Bruins’ David Krejci are known for their goal-scoring abilities, so it isn’t often that we get to see them trade in the role of sniper for fighter.  In fact, neither of these two combatants have ever been involved in a fight throughout their entire NHL careers, until last night.

The rivalry between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens is one of the oldest and bitterest in NHL history, and that was evident when the two teams met last night as the trash talking and bone crushing checks didn’t appear to stop for the entire 60 minutes.  And if the hits weren’t enough to illustrate the hatred that has been brewing for years between the B’s and the Habs, this scrap between two unlikely enforcers should do the trick.